Die 1956 en 1966 Oudstudente hou 'n reunie op Woensdag 13 September 2006

The 1956 and 1966 old students of the Grootfontein Agricultural College, Middelburg EC, will have a reunion on Wednesday 13 September 2006 at the College.

The event for the 1966-group will start at 12:00 in the Tennis Club House when old students will have the chance to greet each other. They will then have tea and refreshments.  Each old student of the 1966-group will receive a gift pack.

At 13:30 they will be introduced to the latest developments at Grootfontein concerning research and training.

After this they will have the opportunity to visit the terrain on their own. They will have the rest of the day to catch up on news and spend time together in the tennis clubhouse. The 1966-group will then enjoy supper together.

The 1956-group will meet in front of Bergsig Hostel from 14:00-15:00. After that they will join the 1966-group. 

Later in the afternoon the 1956-group will have a cocktail and supper.

The annual ram sale will take place on the 14th September. The old students will have the opportunity to attend this event.

Old students of 1956 and 1966 who want to attend this reunion and have not yet arranged to do so, can contact Elana Kitching at tel. 049 8421113, fax 049 8421477. Old students are requested to bring photographs of their student years at Grootfontein. Ms Kitching is compiling a poster of each year’s students to put up in the PW Vorster Museum at Grootfontein. The photographs will be scanned and given back immediately.