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Buthane T.F., Motsei L.E., Mnisi C.M., Ravhuhali K.E. 2021 Effect of Anhydrous Ammonia Gas treatment of Low-quality Cereal Straws on Chemical Composition and in vitro Ruminal Fermentation Grootfontein Agric 2021, 21(1), 61-69
du Toit J.C.O. 2021 Vegetation Recovery following Drought in the Bushmanland Bioregion of the Nama-Karoo, South Africa Grootfontein Agric 2021, 21(1), 41-50
Malusi N., Falowo A.B. 2021 Factors affecting Traceability of Cattle across Nguni Cattle project beneficiaries Grootfontein Agric 2021, 21(1), 31-40
Olivier W.J. 2021 The Importance of Complete Mating, Lambing and Weaning data for the Estimation of Total Weight of Lamb Weaned Breeding Values Grootfontein Agric 2021, 21(1), 51-60
Snyman M.A., Olivier W.J., van Heerden M. 2021 Effect of Conformation and Performance Traits on Subjective Assessment of Body Conformation at various Ages and Classification Symbol in Dohne Merino Sheep Grootfontein Agric 2021, 21(1), 1-30
du Toit J.C.O., van Lingen M. & Hoffman M.T. 2020 Grass, Shrub and Tree cover in the 1983 and 2019 droughts - a comparison using repeat photography in the Cradock district, South Africa Grootfontein Agric 2020, 20(1), 36-57
Dzomba E.F., Chimonyo M., Snyman M.A. & Muchadeyi F.C. 2020 The genomic architecture of South African mutton, pelt, dual-purpose and nondescript sheep breeds relative to global sheep populations Animal genetics 51(6), 910-923
Snyman M.A. 2020 Correlations among Mohair Traits, Body Weight and Reproduction in South African Angora Goats Grootfontein Agric 2020, 20(1), 1-14
Snyman M.A. 2020 Genetic analysis of reproduction, body weight and mohair production in South African Angora goats Small Ruminant Research, 192, 106183
Snyman M.A. & Fisher A.D. 2020 Practical Breeding for resistance and resilience to Haemonchus Contortus in South African Sheep Grootfontein Agric 2020, 20(1), 28-35
Snyman M.A. & Jooste F. 2020 Semen Freezing and subsequent Insemination results in South African Angora Goats Grootfontein Agric 2020, 20(1), 15-27
Dlamini, N.M., Visser, C., Snyman, M.A., Soma, P. & Muchadeyi, F.C. 2019 Genomic evaluation of resistance to Haemonchus contortus in a South African Dohne Merino flock Small Ruminant Research 175, 117-125
Herselman, M.J. & Snyman, M.A. 2019 Relationship among body weight and hair production traits of Angora goat ewes over their lifetime in the flock Proc. 51st Congr. S. Afr. Soc. Anim. Sci. Bloemfontein. 10-12 June.
Hoon, J.H. & Snyman, M.A. 2019 Hair production, reproduction and income of Angora goat ewes that had six kidding opportunities Proc. 51st Congr. S. Afr. Soc. Anim. Sci. Bloemfontein. 10-12 June.
Jansen, M.S., Welgemoed, J. & Snyman, M.A. 2019 The effect of Cape aloe powder product in controlling sheep roundworms in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa Proc. 51st Congr. S. Afr. Soc. Anim. Sci. Bloemfontein. 10-12 June.
Nkwana A.T., Hoon J.H., & Fourie P.J. 2019 The effect of different inclution levels of Diatomaceous Earth in feedlot diets on the performance of lambs Grootfontein Agric 2019, 19(1), 66-72
Snyman M.A. 2019 Hair production, Reproduction and Income of Angora Goat ewes that had five or six kidding opportunities in the flock Grootfontein Agric 2019, 19(1), 1-19
Snyman M.A. & Fisher A.D. 2019 Genetic parameters for Faecal egg count, FAMACHA(c) score and body condition score in a Dohne Merino sheep flock subjected to high levels of Haemonchus Contortus Grootfontein Agric 2019, 19(1), 31-45
Snyman M.A., Dlamini N.M., Visser C., Muchadeyi F.C. & Soma P. 2019 Genetic variation and resistance to Haemonchus Contortus in the Wauldby and Grootfontein Dohne Merino flocks Grootfontein Agric 2019, 19(1), 20-30
Snyman, M.A. 2019 Prediction of lifetime productive and reproductive performance of Angora ewes from early production Proc. 51st Congr. S. Afr. Soc. Anim. Sci. Bloemfontein. 10-12 June.

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