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du Toit JCO, Nengwenani TP 2016 Vegetation changes at the Boesmanskop research trials, Grootfontein, 2007-2015 Grootfontein Agric 16 (1) (21)
du Toit JCO, O Connor TG 2016 Changes in rainfall seasonality (1889-2015) at Grootfontein, South Africa Grootfontein Agric 16 (1) (16)
Hoon JH, Olivier WJ 2016 The effect of feed supplementation on the productivity of replacement ewe lambs under natural veld conditions Grootfontein Agric 16 (1) (31)
Olivier WJ 2016 The effect of culling lambs at weaning on estimated breeding values of performance traits at 15 months of age of a Dohne Merino stud Grootfontein Agric 16 (1) (42)
Snyman MA, Cloete SWP, Olivier WJ 2016 Genetic parameters for milk production of ewes in four South African woolled sheep flocks under different grazing conditions Grootfontein Agric 16 (1) (11)
du Toit JCO, van den Berg L, O Connor TG 2015 A summary of rainfall at the Carnarvon Experiment Station, 1931-2013 Grootfontein Agric 15 (1) (27)
Nengwenani TP, du Toit JCO 2015 The evaluation of dry matter yield and forage quality of four pasture species as influenced by three frequencies of flood irrigation in the false upper Karoo Grootfontein Agric 15 (1) (36)
Olivier WJ, Cloete SWP, Snyman MA, van Wyk JB, Herselman MJ 2015 The combination of records of production, reproduction and subjective traits in a provisional selection index Grootfontein Agric 15 (1) (10)
Olivier WJ, Olivier JJ 2015 Comparison of the performance of progeny from a Merino sire extensively used in the late 1980s and two widely used Merino sires in 2012 Grootfontein Agric 15 (1) (20)
Snyman MA, Olivier WJ 2015 An Analysis of Creeping Belly in the Carnarvon Afrino Sheep flock Grootfontein Agric 15 (1) (1)
Viljoen JV 2015 Prediction of lambing date based on clinical examination prior to parturition in ewes Grootfontein Agric 15 (1) (42)
Baca A, Snyman MA, Killian E 2014 Effect of frequency of mineral and vitamin supplementation on semen quality of Angora Goat sires Grootfontein Agric 14 (1) (11)
du Toit JCO 2014 Description of very wet to very dry periods at Grootfontein, eastern karoo: 1889-2012 Grootfontein Agric 14 (1) (42)
Olivier WJ, Cloete SWP, Snyman MA, van Wyk JB 2014 Estimation of Genotype X Environment interaction for production traits in fine and strong wool Merino sheep of South Africa Grootfontein Agric 14 (1) (25)
Snyman MA, van Heerden M, Mokgwamme BN 2014 The effect of protective coats made from ripstop on hair quality traits of Angora Goats Grootfontein Agric 14 (1) (1)
van den Berg L, du Toit JCO 2014 Effects of stocking rate on sheep management and vegetation composition at Carnarvon Grootfontein Agric 14 (1) (34)
du Toit JCO, Cronje WB, Trollope WSW 2013 Towards low-input control of Slangbos (Seriphium Plumosum) - Quality and Grazing interaction hypotheses Grootfontein Agric 13 (1)
Shivambo VN, Hoon JH, Olivier WJ, King BR 2013 Effect of Energy level in Lucerne (Medicago Sativa) hay-based finishing diets on carcass characteristics of Dohne Merino lambs Grootfontein Agric 13 (1)
Snyman MA, van Marle-Koster E, Qwabe SO, Visser C 2013 Genetic and Phenotypic profile of three South African Namaqua Afrikaner Sheep flocks Grootfontein Agric 13 (1)
van den Berg L, du Toit JCO 2013 Will burnt Karoo veld recover? Preliminary observations Grootfontein Agric 13 (1)

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