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Relative environmental influences on three traits in Merino sheep.


G J Erasmus, G J Delport 1, A O de Lange 2, and .J J Olivier 3

University of the OFS. Bloemfontein.



Genetic and environmental effects on clean fleece mass, body mass and fibre diameter in the Klerefontein selection experiment were separated using an animal model. An illustration of the effectiveness of mixed model methodology in highlighting errors of measurement as environmental effects is provided. It is shown that fibre diameter is less prone to environmental fluctuation, which has important practical implications if fibre diameter is to be reduced by restricted feeding.


    (1) S A Fleece Testing Centre, Middelburg, Cape.

    (2) ARDRI, Alice, Ciskei.

    (3) Karoo Region, Middelburg, Cape.



Proceedings 28th SASAP congres