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Information needs of extensive stock farmers in the Karoo region.

Lizette King* & Rae E Pienaar1

 Grootfontein ADI, Middelburg (CP), 5900, South Africa

1Department of Library and Information Science, University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa


An important function of the Grootfontein ADI is to provide an effective information service to the farmers of the Karoo region. The information needs of these extensive stock farmers was determined by means of a comprehensive postal questionnaire sent to 1332 farmers. Data from 563 correctly completed questionnaires were subsequently analysed. The questionnaire consisted of 17 questions, each covering a specific main subject, subdivided into varying numbers of individual subjects. The ranking of the main subjects in terms of information needs were economic aspects of farming (69,33%), slaughter stock (65,46%), stock diseases (63,87%), labourers (61,19%), pasture (59,84%), mohair (59,69%), feeding (57,05%), wool (51,56%), general aspects (51,56%), characteristics of stock breeds (49,22%), reproduction (48,21%), computers (39,94%), farm facilities (32,52%), stock breeds (23,65%) and implements (18,36%). The following 10 individual subjects were identified by the farmers as the most important information requirements:


This study quantifies the information needs of the extensive stock farmers and serves as a basis for future planning of research and extension programs for the Karoo region.



Proceedings 33rd SASAS congress Warmbad