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Seasonal changes in sexual activity and semen quality in the Angora ram.

2. Semen volume, quality and freezability

P.G. Loubser and C.H. van Niekerk

Department of Human and Animal Physiology, University of Stellenbosch 


Seasonal changes in semen volume and quality in the Angora ram were investigated. Semen was collected by means of an artificial vagina and criteria such as ejaculate volume, semen pH, sperm concentration, sperm motility, percentage live and normal sperm and survival of sperm after freezing and thawing were monitored. The Angora ram was found to be a seasonal breeder (late summer through autumn) and produced semen only during this period. Semen volume differed highly significantly (p ≤ 0,01) between months, with the highest production in autumn and the lowest in summer. Semen pH increased linearly from autumn through spring, being significantly lower early (February) and late (August) in the breeding season. Sperm concentration did not change significantly during the intervening period. No significant seasonal variation in sperm motility, percentage live sperm and survival of sperm after freezing and thawing was found during the breeding season. The percentage normal sperm was, significantly higher during winter than in summer and autumn.

S. Afr. J. Anim. Sci. 1983,13: 161-163



South African journal of Animal Science 13 (3)