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Studies on the sexual activity of merino ewes.

1. Puberty in relation to feeding level and intensity of wool production

W. J. HUGO, C. S. M. B. ROELOFSE and D. L. ELS, Agricultural College, Grootfontein, Middelburg, CP




Keywords: Puberty; nutrition; wool production; mass; age


The effect of a relatively low and a high level of nutrition in combination with a high and low intensity of wool production on the attainment of puberty by Merino ewe lambs, was investigated. Feeding level had a significant effect on the incidence of first oestrus during the first breeding season after birth. Age at puberty within the breeding season was consistently but not significantly affected by nutritional level. Intensity of wool production, measured at 6 months of age, had no visible effect on incidence of first oestrus during the first breeding season, or on age at puberty. Various related aspects are discussed.



Agroanimalia 12 (4)