South African Biological Reserve for Small Stock research and conservation

M.A. Snyman & O.S. Qwabe

Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute, P/Bag X529, Middelburg (EC), 5900

E-mail: Gretha Snyman 


The aim of the South African Biological Reserve for Small Stock is to promote the improvement and conservation of South African sheep and goat breeds. This program, driven by the Department of Agriculture, comprises of three projects, which deals respectively with:


The objectives of this program are to:


To date, blood samples from 13625 animals (9235 Angora goats and 4390 sheep) have been collected and stored in the blood and DNA bank. All phenotypic data recorded have been entered into the database. A DNA laboratory and central storage facility for the biological reserve for South African small stock breeds have already been established at Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute and are already operational.


The following persons / institutions are acknowledged for their contribution to this project:



Proceedings 43th SASAS congress, KwaZulu Natal