Accommodation for 130 students is available on campus.

Bergsig Hostel, the main hostel, can accommodate 114 students and is situated near the lecture halls and other facilities. The name is derived from the magnificent view of the Renosterberg mountain. The hostel was inaugurated in 1942 during the Second World War.

Three meals per day are provided in Bergsig Hostel. This hostel is divided into four sections: Bacchus, Witkransnek, Ramhokke and Penny Lane. This enhances the competition and spirit between the students, especially during sporting activities. The ladies stay in a separate section of Bergsig. There are two TV rooms in Bergsig, each with DSTV. Students may do their own washing in the laundry.

The students select a House Committee under leadership of the Head Student at the end of each year, which manages the daily tasks of the hostel in liaison with the Warden.

Huis Karoo Annex supplies the rest of the accommodation and is situated approximately 2 km from the centre of the College. It is used as a senior hostel and accommodates mainly third year students.

Students can also stay in town, approximately 4km from Grootfontein. Students may also apply for housing on the terrain and rent it from the College.