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Posting Pictures & Videos
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You can not upload anything from your PC directly to this forum, except for avatars. Pictures and Videos must be somewhere on the internet. You can make use of free image hosting sites for this purpose. It means you find a hosting site where you can upload and store your pictures and videos. From there you can insert a link to the media on this forum, which will then display it. Google is your friend!

Lecturers have a private folder on the Grootfontein Lecturer Portal which can be used for this purpose. Please contact me if you need assistance.

Youtube videos
You can embed Youtube videos directly in a post. Open and play the video in youtube. Click the "Share" button and select "Embed". Copy the text displayed (do not change it!) and paste it between the "youtube" tags.

You can also post a link to a youtube video. Copy the url from the address bar and paste it between the "url" tags.

An example of embedded youtube video:

Other videos
You can embed other video content directly in a post. Copy the url link to the .MP4 video and paste it between the "video" tags.

Example mp4 video from gadi course material uploads:

You can embed a picture in a post. Put the url between the "img" tags.

Example from gadi website:

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