Welcoming of 2017 First Years at the College:

On Friday 20 January, the new first year students and their parents were welcomed at Grootfontein College of Agriculture. Dr Hoggie Viljoen opened the ceremony with the message:  “Let your light shine! When Jesus is the light in your life, you will never have to walk in the dark and stumble. The Lord’s word is like a flash-light in your life.”

The Director Mr Tino Herselman introduced the Academic and Admin staff of the college. He asked the students to appreciate their parents’ effort to let them study further at this institute and not to waste their parents money. “ If you don’t step forward in life, you will always just stay where you are,” mr. Herselman concluded his speech.

Themba Cebani, the new principal, thanked the parents for entrusting Grootfontein with the education and nurturing of their sons and daughters and also for the investment that they are making in their future.  “I believe that drinking water from this big fountain will quench your thirst forever. We always strive to be a leading Agricultural Training Institute in Southern Africa by producing capable and competent professionals in the sector. This is achieved mainly through the commitment that is always demonstrated by the team of dedicated professionals and support staff. As you might know, I am also new to the College; I came here because I believe I can add value towards realization of the Institute’s vision of being a leading institute in Southern Africa in small stock production.

In any higher education environment there are three types of giants. A giant is defined as a being with human form but superhuman size, strength, and the manner of doing things. There are social, political and academic giants amongst you. You all have a responsibility to decide as to what type of a giant you choose to be during your stay at Grootfontein. Striking a balance between these types is one of the dilemmas you are going to be faced with.

Your parents have taken a decision to invest in you by bringing you here at Grootfontein. It is up to you to make use of this opportunity by getting as much knowledge from Grootfontein as possible so that you become relevant in the society.”

Fourth Generation at Grootfontein!!


Brandon Kruger van Mosselbaai, is die 4de generasie van die Murray familie van Beaufort-Wes, wat op 19 Januarie 2017 geregistreer het vir sy Eerstejaar as landboustudent aan Grootfontein Landboukollege. In 1930 het sy Oupagrootjie, Gerard Murray by die Landboukollege studeer, in 1960-1961 het sy oupa, André Murray sy studies hier voltooi en 1992-1993 was sy ma se broer, Ian Murray ook ‘n student hier aan die Landboukollege.