First day of 2018 at Grootfontein for Students from all over SA and Namibia!

Students from all over South Africa and even Namibia came to enrol for 2018 at Grootfontein College of Agriculture...

During the welcoming ceremony at Grootfontein College of Agriculture on Friday 19 January 2018, Principal Themba Cebani, addressed the new the first years and their parents with these encouraging words… “Today onwards you will be called Grooties and I wish to assure you that you will not regret the decision of choosing Grootfontein College of Agriculture as an institution of choice. We always strive to be a leading Agricultural Training Institute in Southern Africa by producing capable and competent professionals in the sector. This is achieved mainly through the commitment that is always demonstrated by the team of dedicated lecturing and support staff.

You are required to repay your family and the community by doing what is expected of you at the college; get as much knowledge and skills that will add value not only to your life but to those around you as well. Students are also encouraged to be actively involved in activities that are beneficial to the body and mind. As they say, a healthy mind comes from a healthy body. Our training approach focuses on three aspects of student development mainly: Technical skills, Knowledge and Attitude. You can have all the skills and knowledge of this world but with bad attitude, you are doomed. Parents have taken a decision to invest in you by bringing you to Grootfontein. It is up to you to make use of this opportunity by getting as much knowledge from Grootfontein as possible so that you may become relevant in the society. Thank you parents once again for showing confidence in Grootfontein. You will not regret your decision.”

The FOURTH generation Weyer-Henderson from the Somerset-East district joined Grootfontein College of Agriculture last week. Bertram Weyer-Henderson, who is now a first year student at the college was joined by his father Bertram (Boytjie) who was a student here in 1988 – 1989. Grandpa Patrick Weyer-Henderson was a student at the college in 1963 and the first generation Bertram Weyer-Henderson graduated in the 1940’s at the College!

People from all over South Africa and even Namibia came to enrol at the College. Left is Lothar Cloete with his mother Maryna van Zyl and Chané Coffee, right is Henri Mostert with his parents Elaine en Pieter Mostert from Outjo. Both Lothar and Henri matriculated in Outjo, Namibia.

Damon Rubidge, son of Paul and Lorana Rubidge from Graaff-Reinet, enrolled as a first year student at Grootfontein College of Agriculture. Damon matriculated in 2016 at Union High School after which he went to Israel in January 2017 where he worked on the Kibbutz in Israel for 4 months. When he got back he started farming on Finchley Farm in Willowmore district with Mike and Joanne Kroon.