Grootfontein Student Angora Stud achieved excellent prices at Ram Auctions!

Barries Snijman & Madelein de Kock (Buyers on behalf of ANGELA Project), Cassie Carstens (CMW), Hans Greeff (Seller on behalf of Grootfontein Student Angora Stud) en André van Zyl (CMW Actioner)

Grootfontein Student Angora Stud  presented rams of excellent quality at the following auctions:

4 Rams at Willowmore Show Auction                    Highest price : R22 000   Average price : R17 000

8 Rams at Somerset-Oos Auction                            Highest price : R18 000   Average price : R9 000

8 Rams at Graaff-Reinet Auction                            Highest price : R19 000   Average price : R8 875

10 Rams at Newlands Auction Aberdeen               Highest price : R40 000   Average price : R13 900

At the National Veldram Auctions in Jansenville (20 January 2017) and Graaff-Reinet (26 January 2017) Grootfontein Student Angora Stud will again offer top quality rams and ewes.