Eastern Cape Merino Club Ram Auction held at GADI:

The annual Eastern Cape Merino Ram Auction was held at GADI on Friday 27 January 2017. The highest price of R21 000 went to the ram of Thinus & Petrus du Plessis. Grootfontein Student Merino Stud sold 4 rams at an average price of R12 000. The overall average of the auction was R9 100 for 43 rams that were sold. Grootfontein Student Merino stud’s top ram was bought by Boeta Vorster for R13 000.

Another ram was sold to Johan van Onselen. Above: Jackson Adam, Andries Roos, Alrė Miller & Willie van Heerden of the Grootfontein Student Merino Stud, Johan van Onselen(buyer), Bennie Kitching(BKB) and Wiseman Mpahleni(Grootfontein).

Petrus and Thinus du Plessis(sellers), Ras van Pletzen(buyer), Danie Lombard(BKB) and JJ van der Walt(auctioneer BKB). In front is Jan van der Walt(BKB). Highest price R21000.