Excellent conception results at Grootfontein

During the week of 11 – 15 June 2018, pregnancy diagnoses was done by means of ultra sound scanning on the animals at Grootfontein College of Agriculture by Grootfontein’s vetenarian, Dr Johan van Rooyen. Some excellent conception results were seen.

The Dohne stud had a 94.5% conception rate, translating to an expected lambing percentage of 154%. 387 Dohnes were scanned, with 216 (56%) expecting twins and 7 expecting triplets. According to Van Rooyen these results are normally only achieved with animals that graze permanently on planted pastures. So for the Dohne stud which mostly graze on Karoo veld, these are really outstanding results, especially in this area.

The Angoras also showed excellent results during the scanning done by Dr Van Rooyen on 14 June at the Grootfontein Students Angora Stud.  Hans Greeff, co-odinator of the Angora stud, is really pleased with the results. Looking at last year's results, both the young ewes and adult ewes showed an increase in results. The young ewes showed a conception percentage of 91% (which is an increase of 1%) and the adult ewes increased from 90% to 96%!!!

On an icy cold Monday morning of June 11, the third year students of the Grootfontein Merino Stud (Middelburg), dressed in their new BKB-sponsored clothing, showed three of their top rams of the season.  On the left is Mr Willie van Heerden, co-ordinator of the student production unit and merino stud.