Grootfontein Rugby:

Grootontein Rugby Team concluded their rugby season by playing against Cradock Rugby Club on Saturday 5 August 2017 at Marlow.

Cradock started by scoring 2 consecutive tries. Grootfontein managed to come back into the game by also scoring 2 tries in the first half by Khanyisa Tshuni(Bolt). In the second half Marius Paulsen also scored a try and the match was concluded by a drop-goal by Gert Rupping(Vlaktes) . Unfortunately Grootfontein lost against Cradock with 29 – 22. 

The 2017 rugby season for Grootfontein was excellent considering that they only lost 3 games through the entire 2017 rugby season. Grootfontein also had 10 players in the National Agricultural CollegesTeam which is far better than previous years.

Adrian Greig received the Man of the Match trophy for Grootfontein form Andries Pretorius after Saturday’s match at Marlow.  

Back: JJ de Witt(Prop), Eroni Fillis(Ernstig), Rico van der Mescht(Rover),  Louis Lamont(Tarzan), Joppie du Pisani(Lood), Khanyisa Tshuni(Bolt), Daniël Rademan(Wolf), Dirk van Rooyen(Stoorlam), Noah Mountfort(L’Lama), Wessel Heyns(Jakkals), Alex Greig(Dozer).

Middle: Henko Nel(Tiny), Marius Paulsen(Sterrewag), Alfred Tumana (Coach), Adriaan Stander(Bakkies), Shaldon Pappa(Hangman), Edwin van Rensburg(Rocklands), Adrian Greig(Wagter), Gert Rupping(Vlaktes) with Janko Scholtz (Beaver) in front.