Grootfontein students initiate Hockey as social sport at the College!!:

Grootfontein students used own initiative to start their own hockey team at the College in 2017. For many years Rugby and netball were the ruling sports at the college. In the last few years soccer also put themselves on the map by playing excellent soccer against local teams as well as other Agricultural Colleges. Quite a lot of the female students played hockey at school and then decided to start practicing hockey at the college. Soon the ladies were joined by their fellow students and are now a combined hockey team consisting of 22 players!

The hockey team of Grootfontein College of Agriculture played against Karoo Hockey Club in Cradock on Saturday 5 August 2017.  The KHC won with 2 goals to 1. Christo Carstens (Kaggel) scored Grootfontein’s goal.

Karoo Hockey Club started on 1 April 2017 by a few members of the club. They originally said that KHC will be the team of Cradock and Middelburg/Grootfontein but by great interest shown in BOTH towns they decided to make two different clubs. They are striving and looking forward to grow to a senior league of hockey in the Karoo. The passionate hockey players would like to target Graaff-Reinet, Somerset East and other surrounding towns to form clubs as well. Their plans are to form an annual league with all these towns. Hockey has no age limit and the Karoo Hockey members ages go from 19 to 55!!

Grootfontein hockey players (together with Karoo Hockey Club on picture) are Carli Kotze(Pink), Marine Lourens(Bessie), Chané Schwirzer(Bambie),Noah Mountfort(L’Lama), Mark Beetzke(Soutie), Robert Lappersonne(Haastig), Annique Visser(Dipsy), Bruwer van der Walt(Dobbie), Gawie du Plessis(Dumpy), Christo Carstens(Kaggel), Annerie van Schalkwyk(Kardoes) and Christiaan Smit(Wikkelspies), Jo-Lise Vermaak(Pikkewyn), Nanette van Staden(Blommie), Angelique Nel(Lippies and Elisma de Waal(Mossel).