Grooties netball team participated in the NACSANO (National Agricultural Colleges Soccer and Netball Organisation) 2017 Tournament.

The tournament was held at Fort Cox College of Agriculture in Alice on the 30th September to 7th October 2017. Eleven Agricultural College from all the provinces where represented.

Groties netball team worked very hard and  received woman of the match trophies in almost all the games they played. Trophies were earned by Olona, Jokozela, Neliswa, Zawe, Thandi and Landani.

Thanks for all the support from our Management, our College sport Co-coordinator Mr. Niel Schoeman, everyone who supported the netball team throughout the year, and special thanks to the following sponsors.

  1. All the netball players parents
  2. Angora Mini Farm
  3. Nguni Cattle breeders Association
  4. Nommerpas

Netball Co-ordinator