The Nguni Cattle Breeders Society donated cattle to the mixed farming production unit of the Grootfontein College of Agriculture, Middelburg EC.

From the left are Mr Bryan King (in charge of the mixed farming production unit), Ms Yanga Mchasa (third-year student from Umthatha), Mr Kgopodiso Salamane (third-year student from Taung), Ms Yolanda Venter (office manager of the Nguni Cattle Breeders’ Society) and Mr Archie du Plessis (President of the Nguni Cattle Breeders’ Society).

Third-year students of the College are divided into groups that farm the production units. They farm this unit for a year, keep records and hand in assignment at the end of the year documenting their farming enterprise.

The mixed farming production unit will consist of cattle, sheep, chickens and vegetables.