GADI Outreach and Extension program


The Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute (GADI), Middelburg EC launched a comprehensive Outreach and Extension program (OXP) for smallholder livestock farmers in the Midros and Kwanonzame communities in Middelburg. The program kicked off on 5 March 2012 and comprises of theoretical presentations as well as practical demonstrations. The presentations and demonstrations are done on a weekly/two-weekly basis on site in the respective communities and the farmers’ own animals are used for the practical demonstrations. In Midros the topics mainly concentrate on small stock farming (sheep and goats), while in Kwanonzame the focus is more on cattle farming. The topics that are discussed include all the aspects of livestock farming, namely general management, breeding, nutrition, reproduction, animal health, veld management, economics, etc. The scientists, technicians and young professionals of the GADI Animal Production, Pastures and Crops and Agricultural Economics units are involved in the program.

Farmers are also assisted on a continuous basis with practical aspects of their farming enterprises, such as pregnancy determination, branding and tattooing and general health management of their livestock. The current program that started in March 2012 will continue for the rest of 2012 and into 2013. Mr Vongani Shivambu, production scientist in the Animal Production unit, is the coordinator of the program.


 Photo: Mr Bryan King, Animal Production technician, busy with a practical demonstration for the Midros livestock farmers