Results from 2018 SAAC (South African Agricultural Colleges) Rugby Tournament


Rugby players from​ the Grootfontein College of Agriculture participated in the SAAC (South African Agricultural Colleges) national rugby week at Cedara Agricultural College, Pietermaritzburg, during the week of 30 June to 6 July 2018.  It was the thirty-second time that the Pannar Rugby Tournament, in which 8 colleges compete for the IPJ du Plessis trophy, took place.  The tournament takes place each year at a different Agricultural College, and although it was scheduled to take place at Elsenburg this year, it was shifted to Cedara.

During the tournament Grootfontein beat Tsolo 54-13 and later in the week beat Potchefstroom 27-20, after the “Pampoenboere” were 20-0 in the lead at halftime.  Elsenburg and Grootfontein both beat Cedara convincingly: 111-0 and 90-3 respectively.  After this it was clear that the final match, on Friday 6 July, was going to be a nail-biter.

On the last day of the Pannar Week the following scores resulted: Tsolo beat Taung Agricultural College 49-0, Potch beat Cedara 60-0, and Fort Cox beat Glen Agricultural College 32-5.

In the final between Elsenburg and Grootfontein, the “Karooboere” led 7-3 at half time after Gert Rupping scored the first try for Grootfontein.  For a while in the second half the match was closely contested, when Elsenburg scored a few quick tries.  During the last few minutes Grootfontein tried their hardest to put some points on the board ... the efforts of the forwards resulted in Ruan Lambrecht managing to put in a final try for his team.  The final score was 29-14 in Elsenburg’s favour, which led them being awarded the IPJ du Plessis Cup.