Re-birth of Grootfontein Soccer Team (GST)

In 2017 Grootfontein Soccer Team was put under a new management in the beginning of the year, two young former team players and the current lecturers were given the responsibilities to lead the team. It didn’t take long for someone who’s at the distance to see how the team was taking shape, all who was in the team started to have a sense of believe in the team and players themselves also started to show commitment and determination. The management installed a sense of self-believe, competitiveness and the love for soccer, the team started very well in their earlier games in the year, in seven (7) knockout tournaments that they competed in, they came second in five (5) of them and fourth in two (2). Their recent 4th position came from the 2017 NACSANO tournament that was hosted by Fort Cox.

Back: Leslie Mukwevho (former coach), Kheto Nemutandani (former assistant coach), Thomas Letsoalo (GST assistant coach), Percy Sekwadi (GST coach).

Front:  Andile Galawe(GST medical assistant), Gcinikhaya Xhantibe (GST Player of the Year), Sandile Nzuza (GST manager).

This year, the GST opted to go divine in that their two coaches are men of God, young guys who really put everything in God’s control. The team adopted Phil 4:13 as their “motto” preparing for the national tournament, the team itself was spirited throughout the year, everywhere they go they’ll be singing and dancing, and to add to that the team have seen a great growth in terms of supporter’s interest into the team. For the past years very few people would come to watch the team when they play at home, but this year was totally different, quite a number of students came to watch the team play and also made time to travel with the team for their outing games. The team was “pumped up” and so optimistic that they are going to make history at this year’s tournament, a history in a sense that the college has never won this tournament since its involvement in soccer and they showed that through their group stages games as they’ve won four out of the five games they played, the other game being a draw. That has in a way snug in their believe that they’re going to make history because they were the first college to have gone through the group stages games without a loss and accrued 13 points more points than any other college in the tournament.  

The only heart break came during their semi-final game against CEDARA where the team went on to lose 4-2 on penalties after a 1-1 draw in regulation time. With that the team went on again to lose their 3rd and 4th playoff to OSCA (KZN) 5-1, through all the games (7) played GST managed to bag five (5) men of the matches awards again an overwhelming achievement from where the team was the last two years. The spirit in the team was always at high where other colleges took notice and joined in singing and dancing, and Grootfontein Soccer Team won the hearts of many through the prayer during games and in the dining hall where most people where left at awe, some of the coaches who have been there for the past 10 years commanded the performance and the spirit of the team, some claiming that this year was their first ever year where they’ve seem GST so competitive and spirited. The overall results of the team in the 2017 tournament were as follows:

Group Stages:

GST 2 – 0 Tsolo Agric College

GST 3 – 1 Elsenberg Agric College

GST 1 – 0 Owen Sithole College of Agric

GST 0 – 0 Tompi Agric College

GST 1 – 0 Madzivhandila Agric College  


 GST 1 – 1 CEDARA (2 – 4 Penalties)

3rd & 4th Playoffs

GST 1 – 5 Owen Sithole College of Agric

On 14 October 2017 the team hosted their end of year celebrations... their first ever... where awards and prices in the form of gift-cards were awarded to the deserving individuals. A special award was also presented to Mr. Leslie Mukwevho a founder (co) of soccer here at the college. It was a great evening of celebrations and a farewell to the third years of this current year who are involved in soccer. Overall awards winners were as follows: 

  1. Special Award: Leslie Mukwevho
  2. Goalkeeper of the year: Fezile Chiya (R500.00)
  3. Top goal scorer of the year: Luxolo Lumkwana (R500.00)
  4. Defender of the year: Ntando Mazwi (R500.00)
  5. Most Improved Player of the year: GST Team (400.00)
  6. Players’ player of the year: Fezile Chiya (R550.00)
  7. Player of the year: Gcinikhaya Xhantibe (R700.00)

Top goal scorer of the year, Luxolo Lumkwana, receives his trohpy and prize money from Kheto Nemutandani.


Fezile Chiya receives the awards from Thomas Letsoalo for Goalkeeper of the year as well as the Players’ player of the year.

Plans are already underway for next year’s tournament that will be hosted by Elsenburg College in the Western Cape. Again the GST management is calling on any potential sponsors to help with the little they can to build up this great team of brothers. As former president Nelson Mandela once said “Sport has the power to change the world, it has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers.” And to all who supported us this current year, please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your generous support to the team during the recent National Agricultural Colleges’ Soccer and Netball Organisation (NACSANO) tournament and the awards evening. Your support and optimism in the little we’ve done made it possible for us to pursue our mission of going for a glory and show that GADI is a “centre of excellence” both in academics as well as the sporting fraternity. We believe that unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is EVERYTHING!!