(by Sandile Nzuza)

Grootfontein is 116 years old and in that centurion of years, and in its existence it has never won a soccer tournament that it participates in on annual basis. It might have not been long that soccer was part of this college, but it has been part of the college now for more than a decade if not two. This year the GST will be participating in a National Agricultural Colleges’ Soccer and Netball Organisation (NACSANO) Tournament to be held in Fort Cox Agriculture and Forestry Training Institute, in Alice, from the 30TH September -6th October 2017. They will be battling against 10 other colleges in the soccer field for the championship.

Grootfontein Soccer team is extremely proud of their new uniquely branded technical clothing designed by Blaze Sport. To the left is assistant Coach Thomas Letsoalo with Coach Percy Sekwadi to the right. College Principal, Mr. Temba Cebani, holds the soccer ball in support of the College team.

The college soccer team has played about 26 games (14 wins, 5 draws and 7 losses) this season. These stats shows an tremendous improvement compared to previous seasons/years notably the pound to pound measure with the well-known tough teams in the community of Middelburg and Hofmeyr. “With a team built from the strengths of fitness, focus, team spirit and determination, executing a game plan has never been easier,” said one GST player, with the GST Captain, Sfiso Ngwenya reaffirmed those words stating, “My brothers have made leading them a simple but honorary task, playing beside them has always been a pleasure, which is why we ought to bring the trophy home as evidence of our enjoyment and unity.”

The team endured many difficulties during their preparations but found comfort and motivation in knowing that God is their sole provider in all things and He’ll see them through, in that believe and hope the team has adopted Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” as their motto for the current season which they claim has been their comfort and believe to push through any hardship. Branded in their new kit (pictured) the team stands under the new management led by Percy Sekwadi (Coach) with Thomas Letsoalo (assistant Coach), who have held the team together on and off the field to ensure that they united as brothers and even in their studies. With the support a structured technical team of a team manager (Sandile Nzuza) and team doctor (Andile Galawe) who are students at the college. The team focused more on the general wellbeing of the players, which has been mentioned as a very challenging aspect to install in the players’ minds and the lifestyles and further both physical and mental strength has been the focus of the team coaches.

The GST would like to thank the support of the College Principal, Mr. Temba Cebani, for the unwavering support he has shown towards the team, in all aspects, Blaze Sport (La mirage) for their branded technical clothing, BKB (caps) and Marius van Heerden who went all out to in directing the coaches to the potential sponsors.

The GST receives full support from the college community and the broader Middelburg Community alike, with a fellow supporter stating “To be honest, the team this year have made soccer a pleasurable sport to watch here at the college and we pride ourselves in their success, we wish them nothing but God’s grace till the end of the tournament…Our incoming champions.”

The coaches’ still pleads with the businesses in and around Middelburg who are willing or those who find interest in soccer to come and partner with the team as they vow to build the team to greater heights and take it to the people of Middelburg and the surrounding areas. “We are still eagerly pursuing and in need of sponsorship/s for this great team” emphasised coach Letsoalo. Interested parties can contact Percy Sekwadi (0498026737) or Thomas Letsoalo (0498026630).

Philippians 4:13