The “Grootfontein College Cup 2013”, a First for the College of Agriculture

The “Grootfontein College Cup” was introduced for the first time this year. The aim of the College Cup is to provide structured extramural events to keep the students busy with constructive activities, promote team spirit and coherence in and between the year groups and to promote a healthier student lifestyle.

The College Cup is contested between the three year groups in various sport codes. The winning year group in each sport code receive league points that are used at the end of the year to determine the overall winner of the College Cup. Many trophies are at stake with a trophy for each sport code and the overall trophy “The Grootfontein College Cup”.    

The sport codes for the first year of the “Grootfontein College Cup” included: Angling, Ladies Volleyball, Soccer, Netball, 7’s Rugby, T20 Cricket, Paintball, Athletics, Swimming and the Mr and Miss Grootfontein competition.

The awarding of the College Cup culminated with the crowning of Mr and Miss Grootfontein 2103, another first for the Institution. The position of the year groups was so close together that the result of the Mr & Miss Grootfontein determined the overall winners of the College Cup.


Miss Grootfontein, Lize Engelbrecht (Paula) and Mr Grootfontein, Waldo Müller (Pleister)

The contestants had to show-off in a few outfits and answer some nerve-racking questions while they were cheered along enthusiastically by fellow students and other guests.

It was a glamorous evening and a panel of independent judges had a difficult task to determine the winners and their princes and princesses. After a tense interval the judges decided on the first Mr and Miss Grootfontein to be crowned.

The results were as follows:

2nd Prince:-    Sedrick Visser (Vuurhoutjie)
2nd Princess:-    Bokang Maruping (Bokkie)
1st Prince:-    Fourie Vosloo (Pinkie)
1st Princess:-    Landrie Venter (Blossom)
Mr Grootfontein:-    Waldo Müller (Pleister)
Miss Grootfontein:-    Lize Engelbrecht (Paula)


From left to right: 2nd Princess: Bokang Maruping (Bokkie), 1st Princess: Landrie Venter (Blossom), Miss Grootfontein: Lize Engelbrecht (Paula), Mr Grootfontein: Waldo Müller (Pleister), 1st Prince: Fourie Vosloo (Pinkie) and 2nd Prince: Sedrick Visser (Vuurhoutjie)


The overall winner of the Grootfontein College Cup for 2013 was the third years. Dieter Scholtz (Roes) received the Cup on their behalf.


All agree that the College Cup and the Mr & Miss Grootfontein are a huge success and hope to go even bigger in the next years. The College staff wishes to congratulate all the winners and as they say, good luck next time for the runners up.



Photographs - Niel Schoeman