Animal Production Scientists from Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute, Middelburg EC attended the 47th congress of the South African Society for Animal Science (SASAS) held in Pretoria from 6-8 July.


From the left are Dr Willem Olivier, Mr Vongani Shivambu, Dr Gretha Snyman, Mr Jan Hoon, Dr Monde Mapekula, Ms Ayanda Baca and Mr Khetho Nemutandani.


The following research papers were presented by the Grootfontein scientists

• Genetic relationships among production and reproduction traits measured in a fine wool Merino stud – Dr Olivier

• The combination of production, reproduction and subjective traits in a selection index for Merino sheep – Dr Olivier

• Testing the predictions – taking a step back with BLUP – Dr Olivier

• The effect of energy level in Lucerne (medicago sativa) hay-based finishing diets on growth and carcass characteristics of lambs – Mr Shivambu

• An analysis of creeping belly in the Carnarvon Afrino sheep flock – Dr Snyman

• The effect of supplementation of replacement ewe lambs on lifetime production under natural veld conditions – Mr Hoon

• Influence of reproduction on hair production of Angora does – Ms Baca

• Genetic analysis of body weight at different ages in the Grootfontein Merino stud – Mr Nemutandani

The theme of the congress was: The role of the Animal Scientist in securing food for the future. The congress was hosted by the SASAS Northern Branch and was held at the University of Pretoria.