Short courses are being presented at Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute, Middelburg EC during the winter holiday. Two of the courses presented are the Computer course and the Arc Welding course.


The Computer course is being presented by Ms Johanette van Heerden (at the back, to the right), a lecturer at the Grootfontein College of Agriculture. People who attend the course will be informed on Windows and the operating system of a computer. They will also be introduced to Microsoft programs such as MSWord and Excel, as well as how to use the internet.



The Arc Welding course is presented by Mr Rolf Herrmann, (at the back, to the right) a lecturer at Grootfontein College of Agriculture. Those who attend the course will learn more about welding machines, metal, rods, welding techniques, safety and apparatus.


Both courses consist of lectures and practical work.


Other courses presented, are: Wool Classing, Flock Health Management and Gas Welding.