All classes commence on 24 July at 8:10.

Marks on the portal has been finalised after the examinations.

The Supplementary Examinations has been moved from the week before the classes commence back to the week when the College re-opens on the 24th of July as per SRC request.

Reasons why these examinations were moved to before the classes commence were that students usually do not pass the Supplementary examinations because they did not study beforehand but only start studying the morning before the examination while not attending classes.

If the conditions below are not met, all Supplementary and Re-Examinations in future will be written before the new semester classes commence. This is done at most of the Higher Education Institutions.

The following conditions are applicable:-

  • There must be a serious improvement of the pass rate than the previous years.
  • Students should attend all classes before the examinations. It is not a valid reason not to attend classes due to studying for the Supplementary and Re-Examinations.
  • If you are absent from class, it will be subtracted from your Class Attendance. If you do not have 80% class attendance, you will not be able to write the examinations at the end of this Semester.

After this round of examinations, we need to re-look at all students profiles to see who then qualify for Re-Examinations, if any. Some did qualify with this round of examinations for their re-examination.

 Tuesday 25 July – 15:30 – Recreation hall

  • ABI 111 (Anatomy)
  • ABG 111
  • MHP 111
  • NRM 231
  • AGL 231

 Wednesday 26 July – 15:30 – Recreation hall

  • NRM 111
  • MMP 111
  • AIR 231 – 1 student involved - Writing at 7:00 in Maryke's office due to bonsmara day

Thursday 27 July – 15:30 – Recreation hall

  • SBM 111
  • AGR 111
  • NUT 231

Friday 28 July – 13:40 – Recreation hall

  • ACH 111
  • ABI 111 (Botany)
  • MMP 231
  • AHM 231


Monday 31 July – 15:30 – Recreation hall

  • WSP 111
  • SBM 231
  • ABG 231

 Tuesday 1 August – 15:30 – Maryke’s Office. (Only 2 students involved)

  • MHP 231


  • AEX 351 – Monday 31.07
  • NRM 351 – Tuesday 1.08


TAKE NOTE  - All Supplementary Examinations and some students who qualify for a Re-Examination, will be written from 17 – 21 July 2017.  

This is the week BEFORE your classes begin on 24 July. 

Make sure to take your books home.

You will see your marks on the portal as soon as the answer scripts is moderated and marks is approved by the examiner and the moderator. Will show at the remarks of the subject if you qualify for a Supplementary Examination or Re-Examination. 

The time table for Supplementary Examinations will be posted on the portal under the Noticeboard as soon as all examination marks is approved.