The marks of students will be blocked on the student portal from somewhere during this morning until semesterday 30 May.

Remarks will be finalised after all test 3 has been written and by final decision of the Assessement Committee on 30 May.

Semestermarks will be put on the noticeboard in the afternoon of 30 May. Marks portal will also then re-open.

If remarks are:

No Admission = Student -  May not write examination

Attendance < 80% = Student - May not write examination

AGR 231 - Test 3

TAKE NOTE:  AGR 231 - Test 3 - Time is moved to 12:00 tomorrow (18.05)

ABI 111 - Test 3

ABI 111 Test 3 of Anatomy and Botany will be split in 2 tests like the examination.

Test 3 of Botany will be also on Friday 26.05 but only at 13:40. All students who do not have a semestermark and students who registererd to write Test 3,  MUST write both papers.

ABI 111 Anatomy extra class is on Tuesday 16 May at 10:30 in the Afrino hall. Botany Date for the extra class will be confirmed.

AHP 370 - Assignment

The due date for AHP370-Task1 has been extended to Monday 22 May 2017, 08:00 (2017-05-22 08:00).

See course material for task description.

You can submit your task on the portal before the due date.


The College is busy upgrading the student marks program.  There are some changes from the previous year.


As from this semester, the remarks will show No Admission until ALL tests and practical marks, if applicable, has been done.  Ignore Predicate until all marks of the subject have been put on the system.  

Remarks will be finalised on semester day. Date as on your Test and Examination Time Table.

If class attendance is too low, admission will be changed too:-  Attendance < 80%. 

If Remark is on semester Day - No Admission or  Attendance < 80%.   – You may not write the Examination.  

All subjects ending with an O – No Supplementary, Re-Examinations  or Directors Examinations (for third years)



Some subjects have test weights.  See list on the noticeboard below the subject code. If it look like this, test weights is applicable.  The predicate will not be calculated 50/50.

Test Weights (%)          

Tests: 40

Practicals: 60

If nothing has been typed next to Tests and Practicals, your predicate will be the average of the 2 tests written.

The theory subjects where test weights currentley is involved are:

NRM 111, NRM 121, NRM 231, NRM 241, NRM 361, MHP 231 and NUT 351.  This may change at any time. Makes sure to look at the marks list on the noticeboard.



All subjects ending with a 1  – Minimum of 2 tests must be written. If your predicate is below 40% or you missed one of the tests, you must write test 3. Above 40% predicate, it is the choice of the student to improve the predicate. The average of the best 2 tests will be taken for the final predicate.

NRM 351 - Test 2

TAKE NOTE - NRM 351 test 2 will be on Thursday 25 May at 8:10 in the Recreation Hall


TEST 3 – Arrangements

Students will be notified when the predicate of a subject is out.  Students below 40% are already registered for Test 3.  All students above 40% who want to improve their mark should register at the examinations office to be able to write.

Make sure if you receive a message that indicate that you only have that day to register for the certain subject that you adhere to the call. No late registrations. There is more than one group that need to register on certain days.

Repeat Students  - If your semester mark is below 50% of your outstanding subject and you  did not write any tests to improve your semester mark, you will not have admission to the examination. The subject will be failed again. See noticeboard for details. Was put up on the beginning of the semester already.

Practical Subjects ending with a 0  – If you missed one evaluation, you fail the subject. Need to re-register for it next year again. Make sure you speak to the lecturers.

Final class attendance records will be looked at on semester day to see if students have 80% attendance or not.

If not, no admission to the examination.

MMP 231 - Test 2

MMP 231 - Test 2 -  Test will include the work you did with Mr Pretorius, Mr Letsoalo and Ms Lee. The work done with Mr Ngala will only be for the 3rd test.


ATS 110 A - Building Theory test will be on Wednesday 10.05 at 15:30 in the Recreation Hall.

Make sure to ask Mr Kyzer this week during your practicals what this test is about.

ABI 111 Test

ABI111 test on Friday (05/05) will also be about Chapter 2 of the Botany course (plant anatomy).  The botany part will count 10 marks (20x1/2). 

Dr L van den Berg


Please make sure to change your time table.

3 May 2017 - NRM 231 - Will be presented from 13:40 - 15:25

4 May 2017 - NRM 231 - Will be presented from 14:35

A date for MHP 231 class that was missed on the 20th of March will be confirmed.