Please make sure to change your time table.

3 May 2017 - NRM 231 - Will be presented from 13:40 - 15:25

4 May 2017 - NRM 231 - Will be presented from 14:35

A date for MHP 231 class that was missed on the 20th of March will be confirmed.


Notice All Students

Test Marks –  Some outstanding test marks will be posted on the portal during your holiday. Please take note that these marks will be discussed with you in the class when the College re-open.

All students have a safe journey home. Enjoy your time off. See you all back at the College on the 18th of April at 8:10

Principal, Academic and Administration Staff  Training - Grootfontein


NRM 351 - Test  will be on Friday 31 March at 8:10 in the Merino Hall. 

Students involved with NRM 231 tests should go to the Recreation hall with the rest of the second years. You will receive both of your NRM test papers there.


NUT FIELD VISIT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Make sure to change your time table accordingly to the following classes:-

NUT 231 - 8:10 - 9:00

NRM 231- 9:10 - 10:00

ABG 231 - 10:30 - 11:20

Attendance registers will be completed in these classes. Will be part of that subjects class attendance.


Make sure to make these changes to your time tables

The following tests have been moved.

SBM 111 – Tuesday 28.03 at 15:30

ABG 231 – Wednesday 22.03 at 15:00

First Year Subjects

ABI 111   - move to 22.03 at 13:40  (Dr J Viljoen)

ACH 111 - move to 22.03 at 14:40  (K Lee)

MHP 111 - Lecturer will confirm date and time  (B Mokgwamme)

Second Year Subjects

MMP 231 - move to 22.03 at 13:35  (PT Letsoalo or P Ngala)

AHM 231 -  move to 29.03 at 14:35  (Dr J Viljoen)

AHM 231 -  move to 19.04 at 14:35  (Dr J Viljoen)

MHP 231 -  move to 4.05 at 14:35    (H Greeff)


20 March – College Closure

As most students sign for the closure of the College on Monday 20 March, Mr Cebani, Deputy Director Training, approved this request.  The College will be closed on Monday 20 March. Classes will resume on Wednesday 22 March as per time table.

Students not being able to go home, will stay in the hostel and receive their meals as on normal weekends.

All students should make sure of the new dates for the tests and classes that have been moved.  Please don’t disappoint lecturers by not attending classes in the new time slots.

Finalization of movement of classes will be confirmed on the portal not later than Friday 17 March.

The following tests have been moved.

SBM 111 – Tuesday 28.03 at 15:30

ABG 231 – Wednesday 22.03 at 15:00


Class Attendance:  See noticeboard. If you already have below 80% attendance in a subject, make sure to attend all classes from now on.  Rule 5.5.4 will be applied on semester day. It will lead to incomplete / fail if your attendance is below 80%. You have 72 hours to hand in proof. See rule 5.5.4 (e). Remember some subjects do not have that many class periods. So if you miss one or two, it will reflect in the negative.

AIR 231 and MMP 231. Only two dates for attendance has been received. That is why it is currently reflecting negative if you miss one or both classes. Make sure to attend all of the other classes.

NUT 231 - Supplementary Test

NUT 231 – Supplementary Test will be on Monday 13 March at 8:10 in the Recreation Hall.

NRM 231 classes on Monday and Tuesday will also be replaced by NUT 231.

MHP 231

MHP 231 class of Friday 10.03 is cancelled.


Task 1 & 3 - essential elements table

Task 2   - Angora goat Flock structure

Task 5   - Mohair shearing practices  & properties table

             - mohair Products

             - mohair classing symbols

Task 6  Angora veld types


Test and Examination Time table for Semester 1.3 and 5 is in the foyer of the Merino Hall.  Only one copy per student.

As of 6.03.2017 use only this dates for your tests and examinations. Not the dates as on your classes time table.

To change any test or examination dates. See Academic Rule 5.5.15.


Please note that Capitec Bank Operations representatives will be at GADI .

 DATE : Wednesday  ( 08  March 2017)

 VENUE: Security building –office no 04

 TIME:      10H00 -15H30

 NB :Competition Capitec Bank would like to run on the day.

Capitec Bank would like to offer a R1000 [lucky draw] prize for anyone who opens a new account on the day

NUT 351 - TEST 1

NUT 351 - 8.03 -Test 1 will be in the Merinohall at 8:10.  / Toets 1 sal in die Merinosaal wees om 8:10. Jan Hoon

ABI 111 - Test 1

ABI 111 - Test 1 - Is only about Dr Viljoen's Anatomy.  No work will be asked about Botany. Dr vd Berg


Please take note that NRM 231 Monday 13 March at 08:10 and 09:10 is replaced with NUT 231. 

NRM 231 will replace NUT 231 on Monday 13 March at 14:35 and Tuesday 14 March at 13:40

NUT 231

NUT 231 - I will do revision lectures next week (07/03 & 09/03) on feed stuffs and then a TEST on Friday the 10th (time to be confirmed). Leslie

AHM 231 - Test 1

AHM 231 – Test 1 of Wed 8.03.  Download videos from AHM 231 course materials on the portal.  It is for your preparation on this test.  As the files are huge, it is also available on /StudGroups/Course Material/AHM 231. Dr Hoggie

AHM 231 - Test 1

AHM 231Test 1 -  Date of Monday 6.03 has been moved to Wednesday 8.03 at 15:30 by request of students and lecturer. Principal.

ABG 370

ABG 370 – No classes on Thursday 2.03 and Friday 3.03. ABG 370 Test 1 will be on 12.05. Only 1 test. Rest will be assignments. Mini Farm attendance COMPULSORY ON THESE DAYS. Dr Olivier.


URGENT ALL STUDENTS - Please select your class reps in each year group as matter of urgency. This will help when problems occur in academic matters, etc in your year group. Talk to the SRC for advice on the process of the selections. Bring names to Ms Maryke. Principal.


See your group on the noticeboard for practicals.  Any questions regarding group allocation may be discussed with Ms Elana Kitching.

AHM 231 - TEST 1


6 March 2017 at 15:30 in Recreation hall



1.03.2017 :  9:10 - 10:00 (ABG 111 - A Pretorius replace SBM 111)

2.03.2017 :  11:30 - 12:20 (WSP 111 - TP Letsoalo replace SBM 111)


NUT 231 - TEST 1 (1.03.2017)

Please study chapter 5 of your NUT121 notes in preparation for the test (only those feedstuffs will be considered)


NUT 231 - TEST 1

Please use the tables uploaded on the student portal for NUT231 test 1



Examination Question Papers of Semester 1,3 and 5 of 2016 is available on Stud Groups.


Boergoat Information Day on Monday 27.02.2017 will start at 9:00 in the Angora Hall. Compulsory all second years.


No student may take anything, question paper, test answer sheets or examination books out of the examination hall.  NOT WITH TESTS OR EXAMINATIONS.  Against examination regulations.  Lecturers choice if they want to give you your answer script and or question paper back with the marks discussions in class.

No use of your cellphone as a calculator in tests or examinations.  Cellphones may not be taken into the examination hall. No borrowing of calculators, stationary in the examination hall.  Make sure you bring your own.



Urgent:  Please note that hunting of any kind, including chasing/catching of Springhare is strictly prohibited on government land. The Stock Theft Unit has and will arrest transgressors. No entering of any camps of Grootfontein without proper authorization. Director

All Students

All Students are welcome to attend. Just make sure it is not during you class time. Capitec Bank would like to offer a R1000 [lucky draw] prize for anyone who opens a new account on the day

Health and wellness will be visiting  GADI to host candle light memorial day event on Thursday  the  23rd February 2017.Several service providers will be invited to address the following:

  • HIV and AIDS, stigma and discrimination
  • Gender violence
  • Retirement planning
  • Customary marriages and;
  • Health screening tests

          Time : 09H0 - Venue : Tennis Club  house

Time Table Changes (Second Year)

Thursday 23.03 - AIR 231 from 8:10 to 10:00


You can now book-a-meal using this portal. For more information, consult the help. (on the right of your screen, or at the bottom if you are using a small screen device.)

Welcome 2017

Opening for all Students is at 10:00 on Monday 30 January in the Merino hall. Compulsory for all students

All second years should collect their subjects notes as from 7:45 on Monday 30 January in the foyer of the Merino hall. Time Tables will aslo be available.

All third year students should collect their subject notes as from 9:00 on Monday 30 January in the foyer of the Merino hall. Time Table will also be available.

Please be reminded that classes for 2017 commence on Monday 30 January 2017 at 10:00. We look forward to see you all and hope that you had a good rest and are ready for the new year.

If you were unfortunate to have failed some of your subjects, you may have another chance on 25 January 2017. Please check out the Re/Supp-exam time table on the notice board.

Farewell and Reunion Ball

Date:    1 Desember 2016
Time:    19:00 for 19:30
Venue:  Woolshed at Grootfontein
Dress:   Formal
RSVP:   21 November 2016

Cost:     R 310 double

Tickets avalable at:

Elana Kitching (049) 802 6723

No tickets available at door

No bar facilities

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Please note: Bookings for a week-end must be done before Thursday 10:00 of the week preceeding the week-end. Between Thursday 10:00 and Friday 12:00 no bookings are allowed. After Friday 12:00 you can start booking for the next week-end. You can change your bookings at any time before the mentioned period.

The Quiz portal is a learning aid to let you practice and test your knowledge about a subject. Your lecturer may compile a quiz for his/her subject(s) and upload it to the quiz portal. You may then attempt the quiz at your own time. Your results will only be visible to yourself and the lecturer. You will also be given an indication of how well you compare to others that have also done the quiz.

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