Swelling disease

J J Joubert Grootfontein, Middelburg


An article on swelling disease appeared in the March 1988 issue of the Angora Goat & Mohair Journal, which set out all the facets of this disease very well. This article provides further information regarding the origin and course of the disease.

The characteristic swelling that occurs in swelling disease is caused by a build-up of water (serum) under the skin of the goat. When the blood protein (albumin level) drops too low, water (serum) drains out of the blood and collects under the skin. There are various factors that can cause the albumin level to drop.



In addition to the preventative measures that were discussed in the previous article in the journal, the following must be kept in mind.

If all these guidelines are followed, the incidence of swelling disease can be reduced to a minimum.



Angora goat and Mohair journal 32 (1)

Article source: Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute - http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Agric/swelling.php