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Project No: AP1/13

Title: Genetic and phenotypic characterisation of the South African Namaqua Afrikaner sheep breed
Project Leader: OS Qwabe Starting date: January 2009
Partners: Closing date: July 2011
Objectives: * To compile a comprehensive literature review on the Namaqua Afrikaner sheep breed.
* To use an International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) panel of recommended microsatellite markers for genetic diversity studies in Namaqua Afrikaner sheep
* To estimate genetic variation, differentiation and describe population structure within the Namaqua Afrikaner sheep breed
* To evaluate the molecular information on the Namaqua Afrikaner sheep breed for the future management of the Namaqua sheep breed
* To phenotypically describe the Namaqua Afrikaner sheep breed
* To compare obtained results with the previous studies on Namaqua Afrikaner sheep and other indigenous sheep breeds.
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