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Project No: AP10/1

Title: Establishment and maintenance of live herds of the endangered sheep and goat breeds in South Africa
Project Leader: Dr M.A. Snyman Starting date: January 2006
Partners: Closing date: Indefinite
Objectives: * Identify endangered sheep and goat breeds in South Africa
* Locate current breeders / owners of these sheep and goats
* Identify governmental stations and private farms for establishment of live herds of these breeds
* Maintain these herds
* Collect pedigree and phenotypic data on animals in the herds
* Make these resources available for inclusion in the blood, DNA and cryopreservation banks
Strategic Objectives Addressed:


Progress reports:





Author Year Title Publication
Visser C, Snyman MA, Van Marle-Köster E, Bovenhuis H 2009 Genetic parameters for physical and quality traits of mohair in South African Angora goats. Small Ruminant Research 87 : 27-32
Storbeck K-H, Swart AC, Snyman MA, Swart P 2008 Two CYP17 genes in the South African Angora goat (Capra hircus). The identification of three genotypes that differ in copy number and steroidogenic output. FEBS Journal 275 : 3934-3943