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Project No: AP10/1/1

Title: Establishment and maintenance of live herds of the endangered Namaqua Afrikaner sheep breed in South Africa
Project Leader: Dr M.A. Snyman Starting date: January 2006
Partners: Closing date: Indefinite
Objectives: * Increase ewe numbers in the Carnarvon and Karakul Namaqua Afrikaner herds to 150 ewes each
* Maintain the Namaqua Afrikaner herd at Nortier Experimental Station
* Locate current breeders / owners of Namaqua Afrikaner sheep
* Identify private farms for establishment of live herds of Namaqua Afrikaner sheep
* Maintain these herds
* Collect pedigree and phenotypic data on animals in the herds
* Make these resources available for inclusion in the blood, DNA and cryopreservation banks
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