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Project No: AP10/1/4

Title: Maintenance of an Afrino herd as resource for research and as reference herd for a biological bank for Afrino sheep in South Africa
Project Leader: Dr M.A. Snyman Starting date: January 2010
Partners: Closing date: Indefinite
Objectives: * To maintain the current Afrino herd at the Carnarvon Experimental Station
* To evaluate selection criteria to improve reproductive efficiency of dual purpose sheep breeds under extensive grazing conditions
* To evaluate selection criteria to improve mutton and wool production efficiency of dual purpose sheep breeds
* To collect production and reproduction data on all animals in the participating herd
* To store blood samples and extracted DNA samples of all animals
* To create and maintain a database with all relevant genetic, production and reproduction data for evaluation of selection criteria for mutton and wool sheep in South Africa
* To make these resources available for qualifying researchers in South Africa for genomic and other research studies or projects
*To provide research animals for other projects, such as the project on maternal values (AP2/7).
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