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Project No: AP10/2

Title: Cryopreservation bank for conservation of biodiversity of sheep and goat breeds in South Africa
Project Leader: Dr MA Snyman Starting date: July 2008
Partners: DoA: Directorate Genetic Resources Closing date: Indefinite
Objectives: * Establish a cryopreservation storage facility at Grootfontein, to form part of the South African Biological Reserve for Small Stock research and conservation
* Establish and upgrade embryo and semen freezing facilities at Grootfontein
* Collect, freeze and cryopreserve an optimal number of embryos from ewes in the participating herds
* Collect, freeze and cryopreserve an optimal number of semen doses from rams in the participating herds
* Collect and cryopreserve somatic cell tissue samples from an optimal number of animals in the participating herds
* Maintain these resources for conservation purposes of the endangered breeds
* Make these resources available to qualifying researchers in South Africa for relevant research projects involving basic research on cryopreservation techniques
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