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Project No: AP4/7

Title: A Comprehensive System for Managing Reproductive Failure in Small Domestic Ruminants
Project Leader: Dr JA van Rooyen Starting date: June 2008
Partners: Closing date: July 2010
Objectives: The objective of this study is to review veterinary and animal production literature on reproductive failure and to investigate applicable management and related disciplines with the purpose of:
1. Creating a diagnostic methodology for the investigation of reproductive failure in extensive small ruminant enterprises.
2. Testing this diagnostic methodology on 20 flocks experiencing reproductive failure during the autumn mating/spring kidding or lambing season of 2008.
3. Developing a methodology for managing reproductive failure in small ruminants.
4. Evaluating the effect of the management proposals on the reproductive performance and general sustainability of the flocks mentioned above.
5. Evaluating the acceptance by farmers
6. Making a manual, describing the comprehensive system available to consultants.
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