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Project No: AP5/17

Title: Investigation Into The Probable Cause, Predisposing Factors And Effective Treatment Of Swelling Disease In South African Angora Goats
Project Leader: Dr M.A. Snyman Starting date: August 2003
Partners: Mohair South Africa PVL-Middelburg Angora producers Closing date: December 2008
Objectives: ĚTo identify the predisposing factors as well as the causative agent/s responsible for swelling disease;
ĚTo identify the most effective treatment for swelling disease in South African Angora goats.
Location: Grootfontein ADI
Strategic Objectives Addressed: * To enhance the economic performance of the sector
* To ensure sustainable natural resources management and use


Progress reports:





Author Year Title Publication
Snyman MA, Snyman AE 2005 The possible role of Ostertagia circumcincta, coccidiosis and dietary protein level in the development of swelling disease in Angora goat kids J. S. Afr. Vet. Ass. 76(2) : 63-68
Snyman MA, Herselman MJ 2004 Investigation into the probable cause, predisposing factors and effective treatment of swelling disease in Angora goats The Angora Goat an Mohair Journal, 46(1) : 27-37