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Project No: PS9.1

Title: Chemical control of Rhigozum trichotomum in the Kalahari
Project Leader: Dr PCV du Toit Starting date: 2000
Partners: Closing date: 2010
Objectives: Rhigozum trichotomum (commonly known as driedoring) is a woody shrub approximately one metre tall, it dries out the soil, making it impossible for other vegetation to survive, thereby lowering the effective grazing capacity of the land. The registered herbicide for its control is used and the response of the vegetation after the shrub has died is monitored continually. Excellent results are obtained, and this shrub which is very unpalatable, can be replaced by palatable grasses and karoo sub-shrubs. Depending on rainfall, climax vegetation starts growing within two to three years after herbicide application
Location: Kalahai; the farm Gnous
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