Renting of Veld for Small Stock


This estimation is for extensive grazing land (veld) and is based on the production norms associated with an average sheep farming enterprise in these areas. The calculations is performed by integrating a large number of built-in production data as well as certain economic information to be provided by the user.


Renting of Veld for Small Stock

Grazing land (Veld)

Grazing capacity (ha/LSU) (... of land that will be rented. This influences only the outputs which are displayed in R/ha)
Rent of veld (R/ewe) (... that is payable for the renting of the veld.)

Animals and Prices

Select the breed  
Price of lambs (R/kg live weight) (Use the prices that are expected during the period the land will be rented.)
Price of cull/old ewes (R/kg live weight)
Average price of wool or mohair


Loans (R/ewe) (Enter the sum of money that you will have to borrow. This is over and above the rent that will also have to be paid in advance. In most cases this money will be borrowed for the purchasing of livestock.)
Interest rate (%)
Term (Year)


For more information about this calculation, contact Tino Herselman