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11. [27.83%] Breeding plans for Afrino sheep
Afrino is a white woolled breed developed for slaughter lamb and wool production under extensive conditions. In a dual purpose sheep breed such as the Afrino, the aim of the breeding programme should be to increase the efficiency of both
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Snyman_MA/breeding_afrino.php - 32.7kb

12. [27.13%] Breeding plans for Afrino sheep
The Afrino is a white woolled breed developed for slaughter lamb and wool production under extensive conditions.
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Snyman_MA/afrino2b.php - 34.8kb

13. [25.73%] Correlations of subjective fleece traits with production and reproduction i...
The ultimate aim of sheep breeding research is to provide estimates of the parameters required to construct a genetic improvement plan leading to improved viability, productivity and profitability of the specific enterprise. Genetic parameters for
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Snyman_MA/subject.php - 55.0kb

14. [25.73%] Genetic and phenotypic correlations amoung production and reproduction trai...
breed. In breeds such as the Afrino - a white woolled breed developed under harsh conditions for wool and slaughter lamb production
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Snyman_MA/gen_phen_corr_1997.php - 44.6kb

15. [25.73%] Genetic and phenotypic correlations among production and reproduction traits...
and reproduction traits in Afrino sheep Last update: March 30, 2011 08:17:13 AM GENETIC AND PHENOTYPIC CORRELATIONS AMONG PRODUCTION AND REPRODUCTION TRAITS IN Afrino SHEEP MA Snyman * , J.J.
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Snyman_MA/correlations_kongres.php - 36.6kb

16. [24.22%] An investigation into possible early selection measures of lifetime reprodu...
The Afrino is the first South African sheep breed in which the separation of ram and ewe selection objectives was investigated.
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Snyman_MA/early_selec_1997.php - 40.1kb

17. [24.22%] Afrino Wool - Quo Vadis?
Home Afrino Wool - Quo Vadis? Last update: March 26, 2012 12:10:27 PM Afrino Wool - Quo Vadis? A.W.D. Kotze S.A.Fleece Testing Centre, A.D.S.R.I. Wool is undoubtedly a unique
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Agric/afrinowool.php - 28.7kb

18. [23.52%] Slageienskappe van Afrino x Merinokruisings
ras staan tans as die Afrino bekend. Volgens Olivier et al., (1984) voldoen die Afrino aan meeste van die vereistes wat tydens ontwikkeling aan die ras gestel is. Die Afrino is 'n vrugbare ras wat kemp- en kleurvry is en goed in die
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Agric/slag.php - 34.8kb

19. [23.52%] An Analysis of Creeping Belly in the Carnarvon Afrino Sheep flock
on 5130 14-month old Afrino ram and ewe lambs from 1990 to 2011, as well as on 1078 reproducing Afrino ewes from 2004 to 2011 in the Carnarvon Afrino flock, were analysed. Creeping belly was assessed on a linear scale from 1, indicating a
http://gadi.agric.za/Agric/Vol15No1_2015/creepingbelly.php - 42.4kb

20. [22.82%] How much emphasis should be placed on subjectively assessed fleece traits in...
selection objectives of the Afrino breed are to produce good quality slaughter lambs at a relatively early age from the veld, and to produce a reasonable amount of good quality fine wool. As with every woolled sheep breed, there are a lot of
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Snyman_MA/afrino_subjec.php - 42.2kb

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