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51. [8.31%] II RESEARCH REPORT of the
as “Maintenance of an Afrino herd as resource for research and as reference herd for a biological bank for Afrino sheep in South Africa”. 4 ESTABLISHMENT OF A GENETIC POOL OF DUAL PURPOSE SHEEP WITH PREMIUM QUALITY MEAT AND SUPER FINE
http://gadi.agric.za/download/GADI-Research-Report-2009.pdf - 2,301.6kb

52. [7.81%] A comparison of leather properties of skins from ten different South Africa...
Skins contribute significantly to the value of slaughter animals. It is therefore essential that the true value of the skins of different breeds is known to ensure that producers receive the optimum remuneration for their product.
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Snyman_MA/velle_2000.php - 35.8kb

53. [7.81%] Direct and correlated selection response in Merino sheep when selection is b...
This study was conducted to evaluate direct and correlated selection responses to selection for total weight of lamb weaned per ewe joined (TWW), number of lambs born (NLB), number of lambs weaned (NLW) and weaning weight (WW).
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Olivier_WJ/Sel_Resp_SAJAnimSci_2001_31.php - 93.6kb

54. [7.71%] GADI Research Report - 2007
7.49 (46.40) Afrino ewes had the highest milk production per ewe, followed by the Cradock fine wool Merino ewes and the Elsenburg Merino ewes. These differences could be ascribed to breed and environmental influences. For the
http://gadi.agric.za/news/reports/research/2007/ResearchReport_2007.htm - 582.0kb

55. [7.11%] Economic comparison of Namaqua Afrikaner sheep with other breeds during drought
body condition of the Afrino and Dorper ewes, the Afrino ewes had to be supplemented with 300 g chocolate grain per day for a five month period from August 1992 until the lambs were weaned in the beginning of January 1993 (45 kg grain
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Snyman_MA/economic_1996.php - 21.6kb

56. [6.61%] 1 RESEARCH REPORT of the
33 Maintenance of an Afrino herd as resource for research and as reference herd for a biological bank for Afrino sheep in South Africa
http://gadi.agric.za/download/GADI-Research-Report-2015.pdf - 3,669.0kb

57. [5.71%] Establishment of the South African biological reserve for small stock resear...
The aim of the South African Biological Reserve for Small Stock is to promote and facilitate the improvement and conservation of South African sheep and goat breeds.
http://gadi.agric.za/Agric/Vol11No1_2011/biobank.php - 51.7kb

58. [5.71%] Evaluasie van drie kleinveerasse in twee verskillende omgewings
as dié vir die Afrino en Dorper. Fekunditeit van al drie rasse was op VP ongeveer 20% hoër as op CP. Op VP het 50% van die lentelammers bemarkingsmassa op 4.5 (Dorper), 5.5 (Afrino) en 11 (Merino) maande ouderdom bereik, terwyl
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Snyman_MA/evaluasie.php - 20.3kb

59. [5.01%] GADI Research Report: 2006
selection criteria in Afrino sheep . Evaluation of genetic fine wool animals under natural conditions in the non-traditional fine wool producing areas of the RSA . Establishment of
http://gadi.agric.za/news/reports/research/2006/ResearchReport_2006.htm - 609.1kb

on 5130 14-month old Afrino ram and ewe lambs from 1990 to 2011, as well as on 1078 reproducing Afrino ewes from 2004 to 2011 in the Carnarvon Afrino flock, were analysed. Creeping belly was assessed on a linear scale from 1, indicating a
http://gadi.agric.za/Agric/Vol15No1_2015/MA%20Snyman%20Agric%202015%20Creeping%20belly.pdf - 72.9kb

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