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81. [2.40%] Grootfontein Project Data
Title: Maintenance of an Afrino herd as resource for research and as reference herd for a biological bank for Afrino sheep in South Africa Project Leader: Dr M.A. Snyman Starting date:
http://gadi.agric.za/research/projectdata.php?showdat=AP10/1/4 - 3.4kb

82. [2.10%] Effects of stocking rate on sheep management and vegetation composition at C...
year. Dry (non pregnant) Afrino ewes were used as trial animals, but were replaced by Dorper ewes in 1996 as this breed was more commonly used by land users at the time (Meyer 1992; Botha & Mellet, 2002). The Dorper ewes were, however,
http://gadi.agric.za/Agric/Vol14No1_2014/carnarvon.php - 37.1kb

83. [2.10%] Wat vreet verskillende skaaprasse in die Dorre Karoo?
Daar is algemene belangstelling om die plantegroei van die Dorre Karoo beter te benut sodat meer vleis en wol per hektaar produseer kan word. Met hierdie uitgangspunt as agtergrond is die diëte wat die verskillende skaaprasse soos Merino’s,
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/duToit_PCV/vreet.php - 26.6kb

84. [2.10%] Haemoglobin polymorphism in four sheep breeds
stud (Finewool), Carnarvon Afrino flock (Afrino), Carnarvon Dorpers flock (Dorper) and the Carnarvon Namaqua Afrikaner flock (Namaqua) were used in this study. One blood sample per animal was collected by venipuncture into heparinized vacuum
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Herselman_MJ/haem02.php - 21.9kb

85. [2.10%] Milk production of grazing wool sheep ewes
The aim of this study is to evaluate the use of maternal breeding values for early growth traits as alternative or additional selection criterion for improved growth efficiency in slaughter lamb production enterprises.
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Agric/milkproduction.php - 21.7kb

86. [2.10%] Heropbou van Dorpergetalle na droogte
Na \
http://gadi.agric.za/articles/Agric/heropbou.php - 33.9kb

38 Maintenance of an Afrino flock as resource for research and as reference flock for a biological bank for Afrino sheep in South Africa
http://gadi.agric.za/download/GADI-Research-Report-2016.pdf - 5,827.9kb

88. [1.60%] PREFACE The 2011 Training Report
1969 the development of the Afrino began at the Carnarvon Experimental Station. W.J. Hugo (1970 – 1977) The Cradock Experimental Plot was acquired for research on crop and animal production in 1971. The Angora Goat Experimental Station (2 128ha)
http://gadi.agric.za/download/Training-Report-2011.pdf - 1,195.1kb

89. [1.60%] Grootfontein scientist honoured
and reproduction in Afrino sheep. She is responsible for much of the breeding and genetic research on small stock that is being done in the RSA, and currently is responsible for 9 research projects. These include evaluation
http://gadi.agric.za/news/grethanews.htm - 3.0kb

90. [1.60%] Grootfontein Research Projects
Research projects conducted at Grootfontein.
http://gadi.agric.za/research/projects.php - 34.8kb

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